Featured Apartment Listings FAQ

What is a featured apartment complex listing?

This is a new feature that has been added to our website as a way for apartment complexes to advertise on a consistent basis, on a webpage different from the standard apartment listings.

What is the difference between a "featured apartment complex listing", and the standard listing?

A standard listing allows for a tenant/landlord to advertise their unit for 90 days at various rates, depending on the listing type. A student can use a search engine to find a unit that suits their needs. The "featured apartment complex listing" is a list of prominently displayed advertisements, including a photo if desired, and all contact information, which appear separately from the standard listings.

Who can advertise under the "featured apartment complex listing" section?

You can advertise under this section of our website if you have a unit with multiple dwellings or apartments.

What is the fee for this listing, and how long will it be active?

The fee for this "featured apartment complex listing" section is $125 for 30 days.

I am interested in placing a featured apartment complex listing. How can I go about registering my complex?

If you would like to advertise through our featured apartment complex listings, you can contact our office by phone, e-mail or by visiting our office. Our phone number is: (716)829-2224, and our e-mail address is: .

As of now, we accept cash, money order and check as payment for this space. Please bear with us as we work on accepting credit card payments for this type of advertisement.

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