University Policy for Health Insurance

We have negotiated a plan with lower premium costs and lower copays for visits with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of WNY for the UB insured students. Plan benefits are effective August 22 st through August 21 st of the following year. For details about the plan, links to find a participating provider, or to contact Blue Cross and Blue Shield of WNY about benefits, click here.

Please Note: The University no longer generates a paper statement. Your Student Account Statement is by e-bill only.

It is your responsibility to check your UB email. Failure to view your eBill details will not be accepted as a reason to waive the insurance charge after the published deadline.

The UB Student Medical Insurance Policy and premium is mandatory for attendance with qualified waiver only.

The SUNY International Health Insurance Program and premium is mandatory for all international students & scholars with qualified waiver only.

All DOMESTIC Waiver Questions And Concerns must Be Directed To:
customer service at : 1 (877) 231-9757