Dependent Eligibility for Domestic Students

Covered students may also enroll their lawful spouse, and unmarried dependent children under age 19, who are fully supported by the covered student. Coverage for a dependent may be extended beyond age 19 if the dependent is completely disabled and is covered under the Plan before his/her 19th birthday.


Note: Enrollment is per Policy Year and does not automatically renew from the previous Policy Year. To enroll the dependent(s) of a covered student in the Fall Semester, please complete the enrollment application available here.

Newborn Infant and Adopted Child Coverage

A child born to a Covered Person shall be covered for accident, sickness, and congenital defects, for 31 days from the date of birth. At the end of this 31 day period, coverage will cease under the University at Buffalo Student Health Insurance Plan. To extend coverage for a newborn past the 31 days, the covered student must: 1) enroll the child within 31 days of birth, and 2) pay the additional premium, if necessary starting from the date of birth. Coverage is provided for a child legally placed for adoption with a covered student for 31 days from the moment of placement provided the child lives in the household of the covered student, and is dependent upon the covered student for support. To extend coverage for an adopted child past the 31 days, the covered student must 1) enroll the child within 31 days of placement of such child, and 2) pay any additional premium, if necessary, starting from the date of placement.

For enrollment deadlines click here or for general questions on dependent enrollment, contact the SBI Student Medical Insurance Office at (716) 645-3036.

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