Automatic Enrollment for Domestic Students

All domestic students taking 12 credits undergraduate or 9 hours graduate study will automatically be charged for the university plan on the first qualifying tuition bill for the semester.

Voluntary Enrollment for Domestic Students

If you are eligible for coverage, but are not enrolled automatically, you can enroll by completing the following: 2016 - 2017 Enrollment Form for Domestic Students/Dependents (PDF)


All students enrolled in at least one credit hour are eligible for the SBI Student Medical Insurance. Spouses and/or children of enrolled students are also eligible for the program. Visiting Scholars and Practical Training Participants working through a UB Program are eligible. Students on an official Leave of Absence who were insured on this program at the time of their leave may purchase the insurance for no more than 2 semesters while on an approved leave of absence. If you have previously waived coverage or are a part-time student, and now want to enroll, call the Student Medical Insurance Office for enrollment information and instructions.