About Us

How It Started

Sub-Board I, Inc. is a student-owned, student-run not-for-profit service corporation. It was created in 1970 through the cooperative efforts of the student governments located at SUNY at Buffalo to provide students with greater control of the mandatory student activity fees paid to the student governments by each student. The Student Governments petitioned the State University to recognize Sub-Board I, Inc. as the Custodial and Disbursing Agent for their mandatory student activity fees. In granting the petition, the State University established guidelines and procedures governing the collection and use of student activity fees which were to be required of the Student Governments and their Custodial and Disbursing Agent, Sub-Board I, Inc. These guidelines and procedures are intended to protect student fees from potential abuse and to insure that accounting records are adequately maintained.

Our Objective

Over the years, Sub-Board I, Inc. has maintained and upheld its original philosophy and advocacy of self-determination and self-control by the Student Governments over their student fees. This philosophy can only be maintained through an accounting system based on the guidelines and policies required by the State, generally accepted accounting principles and strong financial controls which help to insure the integrity and proper administration of student finances.

Our Accounting System has several objectives:

  • To assist the officers of the Student Governments/Clients in meeting their fiduciary obligation to their members, the students.
  • To provide the Student Governments/Clients with accounting records which provide the basis for complete and accurate annual financial statements and an annual independent audit of those financial statements.
  • To provide an adequate structure of internal controls to safeguard assets and prevent the potential misuse of funds.
  • To assure the University that Sub-Board I, as Custodial and Disbursing Agent, is in compliance with all policies and procedures of which it is required.

We encourage you to ask questions, to seek information, and to view Sub-Board I as a resource that can assist you in making prudent business decisions. Maintaining regular communication and frequent dialogue with Sub-Board I will help us both to insure that the accounting system operates as effectively and efficiently as possible. We look forward to serving your organization and are confident that your tenure in student services and activities will be a rewarding one.

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