If you already have an apartment and would like to find a roommate(s), you can post your apartment for free (first listing/students only) on the SBI Off-Campus Housing website for 90 days. Just use the available bedrooms space to indicate how many roommates you are looking for.

If you need an apartment and a roommate(s), you can search the SBI Off-Campus Housing website for apartments with open bedrooms. For example, our search results might show:

Rent Bedrooms (Open) Available Area  
$456 2 1 07/04/2008 Buffalo (Elmwood) Pic

This could either be a student looking for a roommate, or a landlord renting apartments out per room. By clicking the search results for apartment details, you will find further details about the landlord or tenants as well as contact information.

If you have any questions please contact the SBI Off-Campus Housing Office.

Other resource(s)

SBI Legal Assistance Roommate Tips

Roommate Tip 1: Choose your roommates wisely: by signing your name to a lease, you may become liable/responsible for the actions of your roommates both criminally and with the University (Student-Wide Judiciary).

Roommate Tip 2: Some leases have a "joint and several liability" clause meaning the entire amount of rent is due each month no matter what (e.g., your roommate moves out or can't pay, you will be held responsible). Make sure you find out before signing your lease and decide whether or not this is acceptable to you.

"Are Roommates a Hazard?" - Legal Concerns (Rent Guidelines Board)

In today's tight housing market one way to make your income meet the rent is to have a roommate.

What precautions can you take?
Can I get my unpleasant roommate's name off the lease we both signed?

Above text quoted directly from the NYC Rent Guidelines Board and reviewed by SBI Legal Assistance *2008

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